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During DXF Import, my filled boundaries do not appear correct. Your tools have converted DXF to Gerber well for me in the past, but this time I am getting strange results.

Here's a few suggestions (when strange filling results occur) :

  1. During DXF Import into our tools, verify the correct Units are being selected (because DWG/DXF has no units).
  2. Make sure your DWG/DXF origin is correct.  We have witnessed sample DXF and DWG files, where the design was shifted in the X-Direction over 2,000 millimeters (80 inches) which may potentially cause problems for manufacturing, conversions, etc.  The Solution was to  correctly assign the design origin (in a CAD tool) and then create a new DWG file.  Afterwards when importing into our tools, all fill was done correctly.

Note: Feel free to send us a sample DXF/DWG file, and we'll be happy to take  a look.  Submit a support ticket.

This is especially important with DXF and DWG files, so we may provide the best possible solution. 

Best regards,


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