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Script automation to export every single layer to a single .dxf drawing


I'm trying to find a easy and working way how to do it automatically -> for all design layers (opened in FAB3000) I would like to get .dxf drawing files. One layer -> one .dxf file. 

I need to have .dxf files to import them to Mentor Graphics PADS (because Mentor Graphics PADS heve no supoport for ODB++ import.) 

Normally for 5 layers I need to make a few separate steps multiplicated 5 times:





I would like improve my work to generate all separate .dxf files in one step. So maybe I could to write a FAB3000 script. 

But how to do it?

Could someone help me please?

Best regards


How can I know version 8 becames available?

Thanks for your question.  Exporting individual DXF files per layer will be available with version 8.

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