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problem with composite


The attached Gerber is one I had problems with.

The letter O in the word Keyo fills solid, also the outer rectangle around the 3 arc images that read .4, .405 and .405 fills in solid.  I combined 2 Gerbers to create this file.

Could you give me a hint on what I can do to avoid this type of error.

The “top” image was a Gerber  from an eps file and the “bottom” image was a Gerber from a dxf, I combined them to fit onto one film.

Let me know if you need any other files or info.

Thanks for your help!


When you mentioned Combine, what steps were taken for this?  I would recommend:
  1. Importing both gerber files into FAB.
  2. Use the Command "Build Composite"  (menu:  Tools | Composite Layer | Build Composite...)
  3. Assign the layers and determine which is dark/clear.
  4. Press OK and your new layer will be correctly made.

If needed, with FAB you can change any object to be Dark/Clear using composite levels,

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