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FAB3000 Occasional CTDs during DFM Check

Typically a hard-crash without FAB3k being able to catch it would occur either in the Display (i.e graphics card), or if a seg.fault occurred.  If there anything common to the crash?   Is it possible to submit a support ticket,  and send us your FAB 3000 workspace file (*.wrk), and let us know what rules you using.  All FAB DFM rules are stored in the <fab_installation_folder>\Fab3000V8_64\dfm 

Note: Have you tried running FAB 3000 from command-line to perform DFM Checks,  and assign option -hideandexit  (to avoid most graphics GDI usage).

FAB3000-V8_64.exe -hideandexit -newjob="myjob" -autoload="C:/Numerical Innovations/Fab3000V8/examples/Board1" -dfmcheck_run="Standard PCB.drf" -report_dfm="C:/Support/myDFMcheck.pdf"

Thanks again.

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