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My DWG doesn't convert any objects to Gerber files. Can you tell me why?

Thanks for sending the sample DWG.

The primary problem is that the DWG has its objects in PaperSpace  (i.e the drawing is setup for printer dimensions/coordinates ) and not actual Model Space - which is where the actual entities exist.   Here's more information about paper vs model space in our help center,

Paper Space Entities

If you have AutoCAD or any other CAD tool, please restore back into Model space and then save your DWG.  If no CAD tool available, then you will need to uncheck the DXF Import option "Ignore Paper Space Entities".

Note: Layer "hole" appears to be for Drill, so I also checked the option "Drill" during export to also create a drill file for you.        

ACE also gives you the option to change DXF import settings  per layer (so I unchecked fill on Silkscreen layers).

Thanks again.

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