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DWG to Gerber: Paper space Versus Model space Entities.

The problem with my DWG to Gerber conversion is, even if I use this as viewer, It is not displaying all the objects of the drawing.


Could you help me?

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In AutoCAD there are two spaces "Model" and "Paper".  Some objects only exist in "paper space" (usually for printing and documentation purposes).  

When loading your DWG into AutoCAD, it's currently in Paper space (i.e. ready for printing).    When switching to MODEL space in AutoCAD, you will notice not all entities from the paper space exist.

ACE will convert the "model space" entities of your drawing. In AutoCAD you can transfer the paper space objects to model space using CHSPACE

Once that is complete, save your DWG and now all objects will appear when performing the DWG to Gerber conversion to ACE.

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