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How to migrate components from one workspace to another?

Use Package Library along with Component Detection Wizard:

1.  Build Component and Package Library:

Whenever using Build Component (menu: Assembly | Build Component...) to create your components from Gerber, there is an option to add the component details to a Package Library file.

Note:  For best results with Package Library management, try to avoid having one super large Package Library file.  Instead keep the Package Library files smaller by either:
  • PCB Type (PCB's using similar groups of components).
  • Component Types (I.e DIPs, ICs, 100-300 pins, etc.)
  • Or anything else that helps describe and group associated component packages.

2. Use Component Wizard to Save time: 

After you have performed Build Components enough times you will start to build a library of footprints. This library can be used to automate the Build Components process with command: Components Detection Wizard   (see menu:  Assembly / Components Detection Wizard...).  Whenever opening another Job or workspace with similar components use Component detection Wizard.

  • Make sure to select one or more Package Library(s), to use during Components Detection Wizard.
  • Verify rotations after using Component Wizard for polarized components to ensure correctness.

Note:  Any suggestions/ideas how we can make component detection and package library management easier, please let us know

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