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New AutoLoad Dialog...

Starting with FAB Version 8.4+ the AutoLoad dialog has been updated.   AutoLoad automatically loads all gerber and drill files in a selected directory.  To start AutoLoad, go to Menu: File / Import /  AutoLoad (Gerber/Drill)... 

AutoLoad - Select Folder to Load:

Shortcut:  Press FINISH to begin AutoLoad import process.

Press Next to view the File/Layer Map description.

AutoLoad - File/Layer Map Description:

All On: 

Checks ALL files to import.

Note: Rt-Click in column Import to toggle All.

All Off:

Uncheck ALL files to import.

Note: Rt-Click in column Import to toggle All.

Default Layer type:

Assign the default Graphic Layer Type for All Files.

Mono Color:

Assign a Single Layer Color for All Files

Format Settings:

Assigns default import settings to use per file type.

Note: AutoLoad detects import settings automatically. Only use if your files were not importing correctly.


Assigns Layer names, colors, priority, by the layer Types.

Detect Layer Types:

Detect Layer types by patterns in the file names.

Auto-Detect Stackup during Import:

Automatically Detects layer types/stackup during AutoLoad import (Recommended).

If UNCHECKED, only the Autoload layer File/Layer map information above will be used during import.

Add Filename Prefix:

Appends a Prefix to the imported filename.

Note: Imported filenames are merged whenever an identical layer name aready exists.  

To prevent the merging of identical layer names, add a Prefix to the layer names during import.

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