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Different logic used between loading Drills with AutoLoad and Drill Import (menu: File / Import / Drill...)

I know for autoload adjusting this setting automatically. But it is strange with FAB3000. I just give you my opinion and tell me if I am wrong :

Autoload "thing about settings" ==> OK
The next screen, we have access to modify those parameters, and we CAN modify these parameters. Why is it possible if those parameters are modified from users, FAB 3000 does not take into account.
Why all drill files and /or gerbers files in the same import do not use the same parameters ? We usually use the same parameters for one project.

Please remember most drill files are incomplete (nothing in the header tells the actual format so all CAM software usually must guess).  Here's your entire thruhole.npt file (notice there's nothing that states the format or anything else to use),

How would anyone know what format, units, lead/train zeros, etc to use when there is no information in the header?  90% of all CAM customers have no idea what format the drill files are output to (they just want the CAM software to perfectly load the Drill).  Here's a more detailed explanation,

Typically when you also load Gerber files (such as AutoLoad), FAB 3000 loads the Drill last, and can align over the Gerbers to make sure that the proper format and scale are used.  Before performing any auto-scale on the drill file, FAB will verify at least 25 or so drill holes -- your sample file thruhole.npt only has four holes, so FAB is not confident in performing Autoscale. 

Note:  If you do not want FAB 3000 to perform auto-scale or thinking; and use whatever Drill import settings you have assigned, go to menu:  File | Import | Drill...  (because AutoLoad will try every logic to load the drill files correctly).  The reason your sample comes in wrong, is because the npt file only has 4 drill holes.  That's why your other drill file thruhole.tap loaded & scaled correctly because there were a 1000 holes.

We will change the AutoLoad logic to instead use percentage to confirm drill scale (instead of at least 25 holes) -- thus even though your file only had 4 holes, 100% were verified so FAB 3000 performs the 1/10X scale down to fit the rest of the board as you expect (like it did with your other drill file).

Sorry for the lengthy description, but I wanted to make sure you were clearly provided the logic FAB uses for AutoLoad when importing Drill files (that do not have any information in the header).

Best regards,


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