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Create a board outline and add my own x and y dimensions.

Creating a valid Border Layer that FAB3000 can use for various commands (like Panelize, Realistic PCB Viewer, DFM Checks, and more), is probably the second most import step after importing your design.

FAB3000 - 3 Requirements for a Valid PCB border:

  1. One continuous outline that contains the entire PCB/Flex border. 
    • Everything should be joined as a single closed boundary.  
    • No individual line/arc segments.
    • No Overlapping / Redundant boundaries.  
    • Avoid self-intersecting and duplicate objects.
  2. If the PCB has Cutouts (i.e internal openings), they must exist inside the border outline.
    • Cutouts must follow the same continuous outline requirements as the outer border.
  3. Only one Border Layer must be defined with Layer Type: Border
    • Nothing else should exist on the Border layer except: one outer border and cutouts (optional).
    • Any other objects besides outer border and cutouts - must be removed/deleted on the border layer.

We've created a command to attempt to automatically generate a valid Border layer called:   Detect PCB Border (Auto).  To detect and create a board outline, use the command menu: Fabrication | Detect PCB Border (Auto)..

Note:  Since there is no border in the sample gerber file (just polygons), FAB automatically uses the extents of the given design to create the border (if more gerber layers are available, than FAB would detect the actual PCB border). 

To add X & Y dimensions (menu: Add | Dimension) or if you have the entire design loaded (including drills) use the command menu: Fabrication | Create FAB Drawing...  Here's a quick video showing me add various dimensions,

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