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FAB 3000 Apertures Table features

FAB 3000 (DFM Now!) includes a very advanced Apertures table providing all Aperture shape details and information available in the current workspace.

To view the Apertures Table, go to menu:   Setup | Apertures Table...

[1] Apertures List (located on the entire left side).

Contains all apertures for the entire workspace.  

Note: Press Aperture List Column headers to Sort.

Note: Hold \'Shift\' or \'Ctrl\' to Select Multiple Apertures.

  • Dcode:  
    • The Dcode is a number used to reference the Aperture throughout the entire workspace. Dcode must be between 10 and 20,000.
  • Aperture Used (*):
    • * Is displayed for any Apertures that are currently used in the active Job/Panel. 
  • Shape:
    • Display the aperture shape used.
  • Parameters:
    • Displays the aperture parameters used. The shape determines what available aperture parameters are available.

Aperture Selection (menu)

Aperture Selection features to Select All, Invert, Used, etc.  

  • All 
    • Select All Apertures.
  • Invert 
    • Invert current selection of Apertures.
  • Used 
    • Select Used Apertures only.
  • By Shape  
    • Select Apertures by Shape.

Aperture Units

Select the units for display in the Apertures List and Parameters (does not affect display for units used in yellow aperture information window of SMT Stencil data).


Removes any selected apertures and deletes all objects referencing Dcode in the editor.

Note: Delete cannot be undone. 

Delete Unused

Removes All Unused Apertures.

Note: This feature cannot be undone.


Creates a new similar aperture and then maps objects to the new aperture.

Round To...

Rounds the aperture size (up or down) to the closest denominator value.

Note: This command cannot be undone. 


Increase or decrease aperture selected size(s). Increase or decrease selected aperture size(s).


Scales selected apertures by a given factor. 

Active Aperture Control (located on Right-Side).

Displays the Active Aperture, information, and all available Parameters. 

 [2]  Active Aperture Display:

Active Aperture Information:

Note: To display SMT Pad data make sure "Calculate SMT Pad data" is checked (from SMT Stencil Preview).

 [3]  Active Aperture Parameters:

Displays all required aperture parameters. The Shape determines what available aperture parameters are available.


Updates the active aperture parameters, list, and display.


Restores the parameters back to the previous update.

Note:  Does not update or modify the aperture list. 

Add Aperture

Creates a New Aperture.

1. Select any unused Dcode (10-20000).

2. Enter the desired Shape and Parameters.

3. Update Aperture list and display.

Active Aperture Information

Displays Active Dcode information.

 [4]  SMT Stencil (Preview):

Calculate Pad Area/Aspect ratios and Volume information, used by for SMT stencil manufacturers. Along with the Active Aperture Control, allows anyone to easily simulate various aperture parameters, and display all pad details.  Used to properly create SMT pads that meet SMT Stencil manufacturing requirements

Calculate SMT Pad data

Calculates Pad Area/Aspect ratios and Volume, useful for SMT stencil manufacturing.

Note: To change SMT Stencil Pad defaults, go to menu: Setup | Options... 

Foil Thickness:

Assign the foil thickness to use when calculating SMT Stencil Pads data.

Note: SMT info is instantly displayed in the Active Aperture Information window.  To display SMT Pad data make sure "Calculate SMT Pad data" is checked. 

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