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Dimension Settings...

Dimension Settings (CAM menu:  Add | Dimension | Dimension Settings...)

Sets the format and precision of dimension text, units, and arrows.

Text Style:

Lists the available text styles.  Default:  arial.pnt

Text Display:

Determine whether to fill text solid or draw as outline.  Default: Filled

Note: This can be dependent on the Dimension Text Style chosen.

Text Alignment:

Controls the placement of dimension text.   Default: Horizontal

Text Precision:

Displays and sets the number of decimal places in the dimension text.   Default:  Shortest Output 

Shortest Output: Use shortest number possible, while keeping precision

Text Includes Unit Unifier:

Includes a suffix to the dimension value.  Default: Checked

Text Offset:

Assign additional Dimension text offset placement.   Default: 0.1in (2.54mm)

Arrowhead Type:

Determine how arrow heads are created.  Default: Filled

  • Filled: As solid polygon.
  • Closed: As single connected line.
  • Open: As individual trace segments.

Arrow Size Ratio (Length/Width):

Determine Arrow size from Length/Width ratio.   Default:  3.0

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