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Netlist Extraction Wizard...

Generates an electrical interconnectivity map from manufacturing files (i.e Gerber, NC, ODB++). Used for various purposes such as net comparison, analysis, and reverse engineering.

Note:  Netlist Extraction creates CAM nets which are prefixed with $ (i.e $Net00...) 

 Use Border Extents (Improves Performance):  Prevent assigning nets to objects outside the PCB Border area.  Default: Yes

  • No: Entire Design extents are used.
  • Yes: A border layer must be defined. If not, design extents are used.
  • Required: Prompt user if a border layer is not defined.

Assign Single Point Nets:  Single point nets (no connection n/c) are typically not required. Default: No

  • No:  Ignore Single point Nets. 
  • CAM Net: CAM Net:  Assign as CAM Nets ($...).
  • N/C (No Connection): Assign as N/C (No Connection).

Allow Nets without Pads:  Assign nets for traces/polygons without pads or drill. If checked, may falsely assign nets to TEXT objects on metal layers. Default: Unchecked

Optimize Complex Polygon Planes:  Optimizes complex planes consisting of polygons.  Only needed if slow performance with complex planes.   Default: Unchecked

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