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Please could you add the ability to set the column "Manufacturer Part Number" and another "Omit (Not Mounted)" column in the import process of the Centroid file ?

We are currently limited to: RefDes, X, Y, Layer and Rotation.
A pick and place also has "Omit/Not Mounted" and also require the "Manufacturer Part Number".

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If possible please provide me any sample Centroid File with the "Omit/Not Mounted" column.  Second what you like FAB 3000 to do when the "Omit/Not Mounted" column is selected/checked for a specific component? (Ignore, Import and then add an attribute stating the centroid should be Omitted).  

We will also add more column options during Centroid Import (like Manufacturing PN, etc.), however usually a person will first import their Centroid File (RefDes, X, Y, Layer and Rotation.), and then import the BOM file (which contains all that additional component information like Manufacturing PN, Distributor, etc.).  Please view the following link,

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards,


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