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Problems making Panels in FAB3000 - difference between .job & .wrk files

I have attached an earlier design where I successfully put 6 pcs. on a minimal size Panel (and six of those fit a Standard Production Panel) – as an example.

I have Imported the Design and prepared it, with Routing & Tabs etc. – then I save it both as a .job & a .wrk file.

If I open that PCB as a .job file in FAB3000 and Select the Panel – I can only fit 4 pcs. into the Panel as the Program insists on having space between the Routing (and Tabs) for each PCB …. => you get a piece / strip off PCB between the Routing, with noting on it.

But if I open the same PCB as a .wrk file in the Program – it will gladly ‘overlay’ the Routing + Tabs => Much smaller Panel / More PCB’s on the same Panel.

 Now, I can live with that ‘Inconsistency’ – if the program would accept that I loaded more than one .wrk file @ the same time – but I will not be surprised if it is another feature I haven’t got right so far. I have successfully got both PCB designs onto the same Panel (as .job) but with fewer numbers that should fit (have done the calc).

I can fit all the ones I know will fit, from .job files if there’s no Routing + Tabs done first – but then I have problems adding them later …

 The Design is supposed to be send to China ASAP and as there’s quite a bit of money to be saved if I get it right – so I hope that you can help me.

Thank you very much in advance and best wishes.

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Thanks for sending the sample files and detailed explanation.

The Job file is actually meant to just be a 1UP of a single PCB - it wasn't intended to store an array of PCB's or Panel requirements (like dimensions, spacing, etc).  The workspace file contains everything - which explains why all Panel requirements are kept and you get the 6 PCB's fitting as expected.

Note:  We're actually considering renaming job files (*.job) to 1UP files (*.1up) to more clearly define the intention of the Job file.

Panel Swap PCB's example: If you want different PCB's (with the same dimensions) on a standard panel that you've already created; you can easily create a new job, import the PCB, and then just change the Job reference name.

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