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On pin numbering is it possible to use alpha characters, i.e A1, A2, B1, B2? Our goal is to make edits to Component & Pin numbering and re-export to ODB++.

Thanks for your question. 

Yes the Pin Name is used to specifically assign values for the Pin reference (ODB++ doesn't actually store Pin numbers but rather Pin names).  During ODB++ export (if a Pin name exists) it will be referenced instead (of the actual Pin#).  If you want to output an ODB++ using different Pin Names:

1. Load any ODB++, IPC-2581, etc. into FAB 3000.

2. Open any component Package (menu:  Window | Component Package Browser...) 

3. View and Edit any component Package you wish.

4. Select one or more pins and go to menu: Edit | Properties...

5. You can assign Pin Name, Number, and other attributes.

Note:  You can select multiple Pins at once, and edit properties.

6. Make sure Pin numbers and names are correct. Press button "Save Component Package.." (menu: File and Update Component)

7. During ODB++ Export, Uncheck option, "Output Pin Name as Pin Number"

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