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Conversion issue


We have one drawing done in Solidworks. Then the drawing is saved as DXF and DWG format. I now want to convert the files to GDS-II. When I start the conversion, the ACE V7 program dies in the middle of the conversion. 
I also tried with ACE V8. I see the same issue as V7 for DXF to GDS-II conversion.
Conversion from DWG to GDS-II in ACE V8 gives the message that "unable to import DWG"

Any support is greatly appreciated.


The first suggestion would be to export a DXF instead of DWG (it's one less internal conversion process), and Solidworks will give you the option to output either DXF or DWG.

Here are several support links regarding converting DXF files from SolidWorks,

We can only offer support for ACE Version 8, so please let me know your results and if you have any other questions.

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