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I am converting DXF files generated from Solidworks to GDSII. ACE seems to take too long converting my large DXF files. Please advise.

The reason for the slow conversions is the DXF/DWG files (generated from Solidworks) contains only lines and arcs. To fill areas in GDSII (as polygons) all lines/arcs must be "Sorted & Joined" to form closed boundaries. For each of the sample drawings that you have sent us, ACE is required to join & close on average over 200,000 separate lines/arcs. This is extremely memory intensive and the main reason for the delay (approx 70% of conversion time). To prove this theory, simply uncheck the "Join Lines/Arcs" and you will see the conversion time drastically improve (however lines/arcs will not give you the results you require).

Here are some suggestions:
  1. Try seeing if Solidworks can output a DXF/DWG with closed 0-width polyline boundaries (not just individual lines/arcs)/
  2. Try joining lines/arcs in AutoCAD using PEdit with Join option. (Note: Although this will probably take AutoCAD just as long -- if not more -- than ACE to join all lines/arcs.
  3. Try outputting a DXF/DWG from Solidworks that is 1 up or some type of pattern that you can "Array" after the conversion to GDSII.

Note: You can leave arc deviation alone, it was not the reason for the long delay. Approx 5% of conversion time.
Note: DeEmbedding (determining which polygons are Dark or Clear) can also be time consuming, because the DXF from solidworks is outlines only. Approx 20% of conversion time.
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