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FAB 3000 Unicode

For many years we are struggling with issues with FAB3000 not working with unicode characters in path on startup. Autoload on startup does not open gerbers from a path with Unicode characters and Open workspace also does not work with it either - it opens a dialog which says that the workspace could not be opened. If I browse for the gerbers or the workspace manually inside the FAB3000, it is able to open it.

Please make sure to check the option "Permit Unicode/Network Access" in the FAB 3000 Options dialog (menu: Setup > Options...)

Note:  If any problems still persist, please let us know and send any sample files (if possible).

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When you mention "on startup" are you using FAB 3000 from command-line or selecting gerber files first (and then open with FAB 3000)?   

Note:  When I start FAB 3000, go to Autoload, and select a folder with Unicode characters it runs (assuming Permit Unicode/Network access).  

Thanks again, and we will look to remove any inconveniences when using FAB 3000.


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