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EasyGerb and AutoCAD fatal error

The problem is that trying to activate EasyGerb after loading it in AutoCAD causes AutoCAD to crash with a fatal write-related error. We’ve tried a number of things to fix the problem, including removing any existing EasyGerb .cfg files from the user’s folder, and ensuring that users are given write access to any AutoCAD and Numerical Innovations folders in UAC. Researching similar errors online hasn’t been particularly fruitful, and Event Viewer just shows that AutoCAD encountered an error and closed. We eventually reached out to Autodesk and Numerical Innovations for help. A technician from Autodesk had a remote session with us using a laptop from one of the users affected by this issue, but was unable to figure out the problem.  

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The primary reason for any "crashes during activation" involves security changes/limitations introduced in each new AutoCAD release (i.e permissions, user limitations, trusted paths, etc). 

EasyGerb is an AutoCAD ARX app, the source code has been stable for over 12+ years, and the only real changes moving forward have been additional security/anti-virus protocols, and other measures introduced in each new AutoCAD release (new c++ library requirements, etc.).  All EasyGerb binaries are also code signed using our corporate certificate to ensure the integrity of the executable binary files we produce.

Note:  I'm not specifically sure what the Autodesk technician references for the "EasyGerb home folder" to save the license file (besides assigning a "trusted path" or the C:\NumericalInnovations\Easygerb folder as you already referenced).

I completely understand Autodesk's need to restrict and prevent people from creating malicious apps, dwg files, etc. However AutoCAD source code is closed, and not all internal strategies Autodesk has implemented to counter-act malicious threats are made public.  We as developers and users are just provided an ever changing list of general security protocols to follow: 

Here's a list of open/existing AutoCad vulnerabilities,

If any crashing occurs, here's the most import steps to follow:

1. Enter your Proxy details before activation,

2. Follow Autodesk recommendations (such as assign EasyGerb to a Trusted Path, etc.), 

If problems persist try using our stand alone product ACE Translator 3000.  ACE is an independent software program that performs the "exact same conversion" as EasyGerb except you will import your AutoCAD DWG or DXF and export as Gerber.  It also does much more than EasyGerb.  Here's some more information about ACE, 

Note: When purchasing our Numerical Cloud subscription, you get ACE and EasyGerb together; giving you the ability to simultaneously use either conversion solution.

Thanks again.


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