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EasyGerb crashes when I enter my permanent license and press button "Activate".

What's occurring is for company security purposes, the firewall/network is preventing EasyGerb from communicating online with it's license server; and shutting it down - which is why there is a crash error message when you attempt to activate.

Enter Proxy Settings (if possible): 
Typically in those cases entering your Proxy server information into EasyGerb will allow it to pass through the firewall/network without being blocked.

1. Start EasyGerb.
2. Go to EasyGerb menu: Help / Enter Activation Code...    (displays the Enter Activation Code dialog).
3.  Click the button: Proxy Settings...

4. Enter the proxy settings (perhaps your IT may need to provide this information).

5. Press OK.

6. Lastly enter your activation code details, and press "Activate".

After a few moments, EasyGerb should state "Success License Activated".

Note: With EasyGerb you can also directly include your Proxy Settings information.  Go to EasyGerb menu:  Help / Proxy Settings (Optional)...

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