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Import - Compressed File - Rar files error


When I try to import a compressed file by Rarsoft, I have an exeption occured during function UnzipFile2(), UnzipFile1(), UnzipFile() and FileImport()

You can try with winrar Version 6.xx
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Thanks for contacting support.  

Feel free to send us any sample rar file, so we can see what message occurs.

Please remember we just use a 3rd party tool to unrar/unzip, so for any errors we need to pass it onto those developers (we do not develop any unzip code here).  In the meantime you should be fine, just using any tool like WinRar and uncompressing the files beforehand.  Once uncompressed, then use AutoLoad (menu: File | Import | AutoLoad) or any other FAB 3000 import command.

Thanks again.

Best regards,
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