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Copy Paste does not work in FAB3000

FAB 3000 is a multi-platform tool that runs on Windows, Linux, and almost any other OS.  

FAB 3000 was originally based on Linux (it's not a standard Windows program).  

If you are referring to Copy/Paste Objects inside the Editor (i.e traces, pads, etc.) than FAB 3000 behaves exactly the same as any standard Windows program (use Crtl+C, Ctrl+V) - and you can also access clipboard feature in the menu:  Edit | Clipboard | Copy/Paste/Cut. 

If you are referring to using copy/paste for text items (i.e edit boxes, list boxes, etc) - you should be able to right-click anywhere and select from the menu whether you want to copy/paste/etc.

Thanks again.

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Simon Garrison - Applications Manager

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