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We have installed the Flexnet Floating license and FAB3000 client in the server and we could able use the application in the server.

 But after installing FAB3000 client in windows PC, we were not able to use the application as it is asking license again.
 Please refer below.

 Do we need to the below process in server also?

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Thanks for your question.

1.  SERVER:   Typically FAB 3000 is not installed on the server. On the server you will only install our network bundle (sent at order placement) and add a license key.  Here's how to verify the server is setup correctly and verify the status,

2. CLIENT(S):  Install FAB 3000 on any client computer(s) and assign environment variable: NUMINNO_LICENSE_FILE  Here's how,  

Here's our complete FAB 3000 - Network Installation Setup,

Note:  If there are any problems, please verify the server status (see #1 above).  If the server is setup fine but FAB 3000 is not being recognized on the client computers, (see #2 above). You can also run a complete Flexnet diagnostics  (FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS) to generate a log file, listing any possible problem,

If you have any other questions please submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to assist you further.

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