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Panel Setup - Tooling Holes

Add NC Tooling Holes and then enter Width, Height, Coordinates, and Rotation.

Available Tooling Hole Shapes: 

Drill - A circular hole (not plated)

Slot - A drilled slot .


The width to use for the tooling hole.

Height (for Slots only):

The height to use for the tooling hole.

Center Point X, Y :

Assign the center point for the tooling hole.

Relative X,Y Coordinates are supported:

You may use Relative X,Y Coordinates requires the at-sign @    (See below for examples)

X = @-1   Y = @0.25   would result in -1 (from Panel Right) and 0.25 (from Panel Bottom)

X = @0.5   Y = @-0.75   would result in 0.5 (from Panel Left) and -0.75 (from Panel Top)

Rotate (for Slots only):

Assign the rotation (in degrees) for the slot.  Default is 0.0.


Add a clearance around the tooling hole.  Set 0 for no clearance.

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This don't work in my version of the FAB3000 software.

The holes are not in the panel after finish them.

Version 8.3.58

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