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What can be accomplished using the components table?

The components table displays all components available in the active job.  You can individually modify one component (or an entire group of components using multiple selection).  There are several other functions including Add, Delete, Reset, and Export (to an Excel or CSV file).

Add:  Add a completely new component to the active job.  You can define all options (below).  This is very helpful when you know the exact location for component placement.

Edit:  Modify one or more components simultaneously.

IMPORTANT WILDCARDS:  Throughout FAB 3000 you may use wildcards which greatly save time when editing multiple components simultaneously.

Asterisk (*) Matches zero or more characters.  

Relative math operators include:





Examples:   In the picture above the string value _22 will be appended to the end of each Reference Designator - by use of the Asterisk wildcard.  All selected components will move relatively 2.3mm in X direction and -1mm in Y direction.  The component height has been increased by 5mm.

Note:  Here's a link for FAB 3000 Wildcard match patterns,

Delete:  Delete one or more components simultaneously.

Reset Items:  Reset one of more columns.

Export:  Generate an Excel file or CSV include all component details listed in the Component's Table.

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