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How to I hide the FAB 3000 layers table (located on the left side)? How can I restore it?

The Layers table (located on the left side) of the FAB 3000 editor window can be hidden or restored - depending on your viewing requirements.  That Layers table which also includes "Stackup" and "Applications" is referred to as the Design Navigator.

1. Go to menu:  Setup | Customize...

2. Select tab "Toolbars"

3. To hide uncheck "Design Navigator".   Check to restore back.

Please view the following quick movie demonstrating how to hide and redisplay the Design Navigator.

Windows only:  All FAB 3000 display settings are stored in the Registry 

If for any reason (tutorial above) does not restore the Design Navigator, there are several options:

  • Go to menu: Setup | options..., and press the button "Reset..." (this will restore FAB 3000 registry settings). 


  • Reinstall FAB 3000.


  • Exit FAB 3000.  Use the registry editor "regedit", to make any changes directly.  The registry setting to display the FAB 3000 design navigator is: "NumericalInnovations/Fab3000/Toolbar/Design Navigator".  Set the value to 1, and restart FAB 3000.

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