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A crash just occurred during export, please help.

I was able to import gerber data and build components. I completed building all of the components and exported the XY data. I noticed the reference designators were missing, so I highlighted the components the clicked properties and added the reference designators. I exported again but the software crashed and I cannot open the work space. The software keeps closing.

Any suggestions?

It appears that you've done everything correctly, and I apologize for any crash.

If possible (since this is a trial) I would recommend restarting and perform the exact same steps again - and you should be able to export fine (if the exact same crash occurs again then it's something we can immediately address).  Also, if possible send me your workspace file (*.wrk or *.bak as FAB 3000 will automatically backup your workspace) and I will take a look internally to see what occurred.  You can upload the file using our support ticket system,

Note:  With recent Windows 10 updates I've personally had some random crashes (or poor performance) with several different software tools that have been running fine for years - so it will be interesting to see if there is any correlation.

Thanks again, and please let me know if you have any questions.


Hello Simon,

Everything exported fine the second time around.

What is the cost of the software? My needs would be for generating X,Y data and maybe stencil files.

Thank you,

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