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When I try to import a ODB++ file, the software does the import and when the status bar is complete, the software abruptly shuts down.

Thanks for contacting support.

If possible please feel free to send us the sample ODB++ file that won't import (in a support ticket) and I'll be happy to take a look.  All customer data is treated confidentially and deleted immediately after the support incident.  

I noticed that your using an older version FAB 3000 V7.

Note: FAB 3000 V7 is several years old and there have been many updates to the ODB++ importer since then.  If possible I would recommend trying FAB 3000 V8  (instead of V7).   You can also try our free ODB++ Viewer called DFM Now V8.  If DFM Now V8 loads your ODB++ than using FAB 3000 V8 will resolve the import issue.

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