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When I Build Components (such as SOIC, PLCC, QFP) from Gerber files. it assigns pin numbers incorrectly.

Gerber files are unintelligent and just contain X,Y locations with shapes (like rectangle, circle).  

When FAB 3000 creates components from Gerber files it asks you to select all pads for one IC and then  highlight the location of Pin#1.  Given the group of pads and which is Pin#1 FAB 3000 attempts to determine the component orientation and remaining pin #.  

What purpose are you building the components?

The reason I ask is, if you are building components just for pick/place machines (i.e centroid file) only the IC center and orientation are important - specific pin # has no effect.

If you wish to assign pin #'s because you are exporting to ODB++ and need each pin# specifically defined because it will be used in bare-board testing software (for example), etc; you can edit each component individually and assign pin numbers manually.
  1. Go to menu:  Windows | Component Package Browser...
  2. Select the Component you wish to edit pins, and press button "Open Component...".  You will now see the Component Package in the editor.
  3. Go to menu: Tools | Sort Pins  (or button "Sort Pins" in the command bar - lower/center)
  4. Pick the component pins in order - starting from 1 to X
  5. Go to menu:  File | Save and Update Component....   (or button "Sort Component" in the command bar - lower/center).

Here's a quick example of me opening a component and assigning the pin numbers:

Feel free to submit a support ticket and send me any sample FAB 3000 workspace file (*.wrk).  We'll be happy to review it in detail.

Best regards,


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