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DFM Now doesn't start


I've installed DFM now in one of our laptop with windows 7 OS. After installation the dfm now software doesn't start when tried to open it. I can see the DFM now process in task manager when I double click on desktop icon. But after few seconds it disappears from task manager. 

Can you please help to resolve this issue.

On our other laptop with windows 10 OS it works fine. 

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Thanks for submitting a support ticket.

I believe that issue is related to the anti-virus/firewall software on that computer which probably thinks DFM Now is a threat and shuts it down.  Try adding DFM Now executable to the "Allow List" of the anti-virus/firewall software and you should be fine. 
Note:  Change the name of the DFM Now executable from "DFMNOW-V8.exe"  to "MyRenamed.exe" -- and double click that file to start it.  Most antivirus software tools are unintelligent and a simple rename of an executable file will allow it to run without being terminated.

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