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How can I generate a DFM Check PDF Report that only contains specific error types?

When running DFM Checks in FAB 3000 it may find many errors, however I am only interested in generating a PDF report that only contains the "Signal Errors" that I wish to share with my colleagues.  However when I generate a DFM Report it includes ALL errors (which can be hundreds) making the PDF file extremely large.  I just want specific errors in the report file.  How can I accomplish that in FAB 3000?

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Yes you can individually select what error types will be included in the DFM Report file you create - whether PDF, TEXT, or Excel files.

After running a DFM Check  perform the following:

1. Select the tab "Error List".

2. Navigate the DFM Error tree to locate the specific errors you wish to include in your DFM report.

3. Right-click over the specific DFM Error item, and choose "Generate PDF Report..." (or any other report format).

4. Now you will only generate a report file containing those specific errors.

Here's a quick movie tutorial (no sound) showing me create multiple specific DFM Error PDF Reports.

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