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Create Fab Drawing -- I have a border layer, i can see it on the left side , or at the beginning, and the software always ask to make a border layer.

Thanks for your question.
When viewing the border layer it contains some open traces (in the upper-left corner).  Everything on the border layer must be a closed boundary. 
IMPORTANT:  A border layer requires: 1 outer closed boundary, and then any optional internal cutouts or slot features (must completely exist inside the outer boundary).

In your example I would only keep the outer boundary and delete all internal features (since the circles will be drilled).  Afterwards you will no longer see any warning message when performing 

Note:  A good way to verify your border layer is constructed correctly, is to set the FAB 3000 editor into "Real PCB" mode.  If you PCB displays correctly than your border is setup correctly.  Here's more information on Real PCB, 

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