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I noticed that my drill file (.drl) has other dimension (mm) than my other gerber files mainly all the other layer files (mil). I can successfully convert the gerber files to ODB++with only one exception; that is my drill "layer" does not match properly.

Strange the Drill would be exported with completely different units (from the gerbers), and when viewing the drill file there's no header (which typically contains units and tool diameters).  Using the ACE editor you can scale the drill layer to match the gerbers, and also assign the tool diameters which are not defined in the drill data.

Here's the steps to perform while in the ACE editor:
1. Turn off all layers except drill.
2. Select all drill objects.
3. Go to menu:   Edit | Scale X/Y...

Note:  Assign the proper scale you wish to use (in this case 3.937), and make sure you choose "Origin" for the "Anchor Point".
All drill holes will now be properly scaled and aligned with your gerbers.

Since your example Drill file does not have a header (which typically contains all drill tool diameters), you'll need to assign all tool diameters. 
1. Go to menu:  Setup | NC Tools Table..
2. Enter in the correct diameters per tool number.  
Note:  Usually with older drill files there's always an external "readme or report file" which contains the drill tool diameters to use.
3. When finished press OK.  All tool holes will now correctly update and your ready to contain exporting to ODB.

Did you know?

The best tool to convert Gerber to ODB++ would be FAB 3000. It has the ability to generate a more complete ODB++ file including Nets, Components, and more.  Here's an example,

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