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I’m not an engineer just an artist, and I just wanted an easy way to do circuit board design; but I don’t know of the right kind of software for my abilities.

FAB 3000 can import any Postscript file (or PDF), and export as PCB Manufacturing files (Gerber, NC Drill).  Many companies and universities will design their entire PCB's in Adobe Illustrator (or similar) and then import the resulting Postscript or PDF into FAB 3000.

Here's our PDF conversion guidelines, to learn how to accurately convert your PDF files (and Postscript) to various EDA/manufacturing formats no one thought was possible.  You now have the freedom to use any graphics software tool (like Adobe Illustrator) to layout unique electronic designs, save them as a PDF (or Postscript).

"I advocate to the students and staff the idea of using a vector illustrator like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustration to design a board layer. I have been doing it this way for almost 20 years. Your beautiful tool, FAB 3000 imports eps files of each layer and converts them to gerber flawlessly. I then use your tool to examine all layers before shipping them to fab."

Michael E. Fleming, Portland State University

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