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I had an outside source build my ODB++ file and I need to change the package name to match my library. How is the easiest way to do this?

FAB 3000 will allow you to change modify any component package name, part number, etc.

To modify any component package name,

1.  Go to menu:  Windows / Component Package Browser...

2.  Select the component package you wish to modify (from the list on the left).

The component package will now be displayed along with attributes: Package name, Type, Pitch, Notes, etc.

3. Change the Package name.

4. Press Enter and the component package name has been updated.

Now you can export to ODB++ (or any other format) with the new package name.

To modify any component part number,

1. Select any components.

2. Go to menu:  Edit / Properties... (or right Click)

3. Change the Part Number (or any other attributes), and press Ok.

Now all component part names have been updated.

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