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I am getting hundreds of shorts when I run Netlist Compare on my Gerbers - however if I import an ODB++ and run Netlist Compare there are NO shorts (on the exact same design) - Why?

Thanks for your question.

Typically when there are so many shorts, etc. - indicates something was incorrectly setup, usually (the drill for Blind/Buried) or wrong layer type assigned.

When I view your sample FAB 3000 workspace file (*.wrk) it has not been setup correctly for Blind/Buried drill.   When I import your ODB++ the Blind/Buried drill is correctly assigned -- that's the different between the ODB++ and Gerber -- with Gerber you need to assign layer types, stackup order, drill blind/buried, etc. 

Here's some examples how to setup Blind/Buried drills, 

If you do not assign the Blind/Buried drills they will be treated as THRU-HOLE which is why you received so many shorts.  
By simply assigning the Blind/Buried Drill I get the "exact sample results as the ODB++".

Thanks again,


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