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Does FAB3000 have features that help selecting stencil thickness, for exampel high-lighting pads with area ratio or aspect ratio below a specified value or high-lighting pads with a width smaller than a specified value (which indicates the number of solde

FAB 3000 has the ability to highlight pads with area/aspect ratio , based off the Stencil Foil thickness you assign (see screen capture below).

Now, lets create a specific DFM Rule Set for checking SMT Stencil Pads, with Foil Thickness 8 mil.
  1. Go to menu:  Tools / DFM / DFM Rules Management...
  2. Select tab "SMT Stencil"
  3. Check "SMT Stencil Foil Thickness", and assign the foil this you wish to use for the check (8 mil for this example)
  4. Check and verify all other SMT Stencil rules you wish to verify.  Only the SMT Stencil rules should be highlighted for this DFM Rule check.
  5. Press button "New...", and assign a name which describes this DFM Rule set - such as:  SMT Stencil with 8 mil

Repeat steps 1-5 if you wish to create more DFM rule sets for different Stencil foil thicknesses, or other checks.

Now, lets run the DFM Check and highlight any errors:

  1. Run DFM Check (menu:  Tools / DFM / DFM Check...)
  2. Go to DFM Rule Set pulldown and select your SMT Stencil rule (you just created).
  3. Verify other settings and press "Next" to start DFM Check.

If there are any SMT Stencil violations, they will be highlighted.

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