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Gerber file crashes machine

I have two gerber files with minor difference when viewed in FAB 3000.  One works fine in our machine and the other crashes the machine.  Both were created with FAB 3000.

Any tips in helping us isolate what in the gerber file is causing our machine to crash?

When I say crash, I mean that the machine just freezes up and refuses to do anything without a restart.

We are in contact with the machine vendor but no solution discovered yet.

Hi Tom,

I'm sorry no one has addressed your issue as of today (10-21-19)

The Gerber/CAM software forum is not the best place to address your issue>, The forum is not where we can answer your problem.

Please create a ticket ""

Also, please attach the problem file(s) so that we can address the problem you and / or your vendors are having.

Thank you,


It looks like the problem is with the machine and not the gerber files so I'm going to hold off on creating a ticket.

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