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We would like to understand the panelization capabilities of the FAB 3000 software. We have SMT production, and many times the sub-panel design is in our hands how we want to design it.

Although usually this a simple panelization task when the PCB contains only one type of circuit, sometimes there are so called family boards, when we have to include different circuits into one PCB, similarly to this:



We think that with FAB 3000 we would be able to do this task. The input would be ODB++, the output should be ODB++, gerber, .dxf file.


Is there a possibility to present to us how the software create a panelized output in a Webex or Skype call?


Thank you!

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Yes, FAB 3000 would definitely be able to handle your panelization requirements.

I'd be happy to setup a Webex meeting to demonstrate the Panelization capabilities, just let me know what would be a good time.

Here's some tutorials that should be helpful in demonstrating the unique Panelization capabilities of FAB 3000.

Thanks again, and I look forward to your questions.

Best regards,


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