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We experienced a crash during Layer Compare.

I cannot provide you with the workspace file, but I can provide you with the steps I took that caused this issue:

  1. Import layers to workspace.
  2. Run layer comparison.
  3. At this point, the view switches to a close-up view of the first comparison error.
  4. If I zoomed out from this point, the program would crash.

This did not happen for every layer comparison. The layer comparisons that did crash; however, would repeatedly crash by zooming out.

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I was unable to duplicate the crash performing the same steps you mentioned.  Perhaps there is some mathematical anomaly that occurs solely when performing that specific layer comparison (although having a workspace or sample files would definitely help).  In the past other users have stated disabling the setting "Display Mouse Object Hover" have resolved any display issue.  Please view the following link and let me know if that helps,

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