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Teardrop problem in IPC-2851

Steps followed:

1. file -> new job

2. import -> ipc 2581 -> selected the xml file. -> open

3. selecting trace and pad (flash)

4. fabrication -> teardrop (chosen teardrop) -> ok

after this step no change occurs, but while manually imported Gerber data able to produce teardrop.

below images for your reference.

IPC-2581 data (no teardrop)

GERBER data (teardrop present)

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Thanks for sending the sample file.  The reason the teardrops did not occur in certain regions what the pad and trace has a different composite level. 

Composite level determine what's dark/clear and the sequence in which the objects are drawn.  We have updated FAB 3000 to create a teardrop no matter the composite level - assuming both are the same polarity (Dark or Clear).  Here's a screen capture of the teardrop feature now working in those areas, and we'll have the update of FAB 3000 available in a few days.

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