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How can I merge Gerber files together in FAB 3000?

    There are three easy ways to merge Gerber files in FAB 3000

1. Merge: Load one Gerber file, then in the layer display, right click and select merge, then select the file to be merged > see MERGE.mp4 

    Note: you can merge/add multiple files, but only one at a time.     

2. Copy to layer: Load all of your Gerber files. Add a new layer in the layer display by clicking the + sign. Rename the new file if you want to.  Next turn on all the layers you want copied to the

    new layer, select them all, then go to the "Edit" menu and select "Copy to Layers" and select the new layer to copy to. > see COPY TO LAYER.mp4      

3. Composite: Load all your Gerber files. In the "Tools" menu select "Composite Layers / Build composite Layer  (from existing layers) Next give your file a new name if you want to.

     In the layer boxes add the layers you  wish to have merged one at a time. Once finished click "Okay" and you will have the new merged layer. > see COMPOSITE.mp4

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