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I couldn't find was a proper tool to measure the trace length of a net. Any advice on how this can be done best?

The Net trace length is displayed in the Nets table (located under the display window - see screen capture below).  

HINT:  The fastest way to find the Net Length is to use the command "Query Net" (menu: Info / Query Net), and select any object on the net.  Query Net will highlight the entire net and also highlight the net within the Nets table.

Cool Feature #1:  The Nets table is completely sort-able, so you can select the Length header and determine which nets are the longest, shortest, etc.

Cool Feature #2:  Using the Nets Table you can Highlight Multiple Nets at once (use SHIFT and CTRL keys for multiple Nets selection).

Cool Feature #3:  You can also "Right-Click" within the Nets table for more features, such as export the Nets to an Excel file and more.


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