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During IPC-2581 I'm getting an issue with the contours - what can I do?

IPC-2581 is still a relatively new format that can be outputted differently by each PCB/EDA tool due to slight variations of interpretation from the IPC-2581 standard.

As the format begins to evolve, our goal is to perfect IPC-2581 importing and exporting.  If you happen to have any IPC-2581 file which imports with warnings, or does not appear visibly appear correct - please send it to us.  We will immediately take a look and determine a solution.  To submit your file, please fill out the a support ticket and attach your file.

Quick Fix for contours: During IPC-2581 Import please go to the Options tab, and check option "Convert Contours to Polygons (with Cutlines):".  Then proceed with the IPC-2581 import as normal.   

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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