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I noticed FAB 3000 can estimate the price of a bareboard PCB in the Fabrication Report. How can I modify the pricing formula?

The PCB Price estimator tool is a very handy feature which gives PCB Designers a rough estimate of the bareboard cost for manufacturing their PCB's.  Most people will access it when using the command "PCB Fabrication Report..." (located in the Fabrication menu).

FAB 3000 calculates the PCB bareboard pricing using a template called "Price Configuration" file (*.prc) which is located in the FAB 3000 sub folder .../FAB3000 /quote

Markets and material costs always changing, so we made the pricing template accessible so you can easily change it to better suit your current pricing environment.  Just open the Price Configuration file (*.prc) in any text edit, make changes, and save.  We recommend before making change to backup the Price Configuration file first or save the modified file as a different name.   When using FAB 3000, it will automatically locate all PRC files found in the quote directory and make them available to you.

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