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STEP to Gerber - Didn't get the results I expected.

"I have tried using the software to convert a 3D STEP file into gerber files, I can get it to convert, but the gerber files aren't at all what I was expecting. I'm sure that it has something to do with the operator (me), I'm probably not doing something right. The PCB isn't anything complicated, just LED's and a connector. I watched the video and followed the steps, but I think there is some detail left out in the video that I should be doing."

 Thanks for your question.

Gerber is a 2D file format used for the fabrication of the Printed Circuit board only (no assembly like components).  Your sample STEP file includes a blank PCB outline (which is good), drilled holes (which is good), but also contains the components (bad for Gerber conversions).  Thus when FAB 3000 is attempting to generate 2D Gerber files, it has to create multiple unnecessary layers for the components.

Simply remove the components from the STEP and the conversion will be as expected.  For your reference, here's a sample PCB design in STEP that can easily be converted to Gerber (i.e board outline, Drilled holes, and electronic circuits for top and bottom).  

Thanks again, and please let me know if that helps.

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