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When exporting to ODB++, Symbols folder is empty. Also there's no Netlist in the ODB++. Why?

Please remember you have only imported Gerbers into FAB 3000.  Gerber files are just X,Y coordinates plus shapes -- it does not have any net information, or other intelligent data.  

Netlist:If you want nets in your ODB++, you'll need to extract them from the Gerbers using Netlist extraction.  Here's a tutorial showing how to,

Symbols:Symbols in ODB++ are "custom apertures".  You sample Gerber files only contain basic shapes like Circle, Rectangle, so there is no need to generate ODB++ Symbols.


Here's a quick tutorial movie (no sound) showing me correctly assign your layer types (chose Neg Plane instead of Internal with "Neg viewing"), and extract netlist.  Now when I export an ODB++ it will have the nets.

Tutorial Movie Notes:  I understand this is just an evaluation design so there were several things that didn't make sense, so I just made assumptions.

1. I was confused by the layer types for the first minute in the movie.

2. Drills were imported with wrong scale so I scaled them by 10X.  Although your gerbers already had drill information.

3. Obviously I would need to setup blind/buried drills correctly - but I just extracted the nets anyways.  Here's info for Blind/Buried setup,

Thanks again, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,


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