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print always fails

Just downloaded DFMNow to give it a try. 

I loaded up my gerbers and they view fine.

I tried many combinations of options to print to PDF (using PDFCreator as the printer) and it always fails...

Thanks for submitting a support ticket.  

I would suggest that you print to PDF using a different PDF printer like "Microsoft Print to PDF" (as we cannot provide technical support for PDFCreator).  

Here's a quick tutorial (no sound) showing me use DFM Now to Print to PDF using Microsft.

Note:  There are hundreds of other PDF printers to try if you don't wish to use Microsoft.



CutePDF didn't work either

Solved Print to PDF using different PDF printers.  After installing DFM Now, have to restart the PC - then the third party PDF printers work.  Had to do this on Windows 10 as well.

Tried Cute, Primo, and FoxIt.  Cute had the best overall results of these 3.  Primo lets you control the resolution but the PDF file was huge.  FoxIt created a file with low resolution and image artifacts.

The Windows10 "print to PDF" had good quality too, once I got it working.

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