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Can't launch Fab3000v7 on Win10


I have downloaded and installed fab3000v7_windows.exe on a Win10 PC.

I have chosen to install it on C:\pcblib\apps\numerical_innovations\fab3000v7 as a prerequisite. But after the install, nothing happens after I click the Fab 3000 v7 exe.

Please help.  

Thank you.



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Thanks for your question.  FAB 3000 definitely works under Windows 10 as that is our primary development environment.  For verification, here's a screen capture from my Windows 10 laptop running FAB 3000.


Note:  If FAB 3000 never starts (or shuts down immediately), that would indicate something external from your company firewall/anti virus wrongfully sees FAB 3000 as a threat and terminates the execution.  To verify this a local issue, simply run FAB 3000 from any computer/laptop not connected from your company server (like home computer, external laptop, etc.); and FAB 3000 will run fine.



1.  I would first recommend you download/install the latest version of FAB 3000.

Note: Whatever folder you choose for installation, please make sure you have "write permission" for that folder.  The default folder for installation is "C:\Numerical Innovations\FAB3000v7\

2.  Not sure what users permissions you have, but if possible right-click over the FAB 3000 icon and select "Run as Administrator..." and see if that resolves the issue. 

3.  Here's some related threads from the support center which may be helpful:

Thanks again.

Best regards,


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